KCPSRS Trustee Election 2021 – How to vote for a write-in candidate

Dear KCPSRS Members:

In contrast to years past, both this year’s electronic and paper ballots are void of candidate’s choices.  The reason for not having any names to select is due in part to stringent vendor printing deadlines.   Therefore, you will need to write-in a candidate’s name to cast your vote.  Below are candidate biographies of two active member interested in serving as a Trustee for the Kansas City Public School Retirement System (KCPSRS).

Write-in candidates are not limited to the two candidates that appear in this blog, but can be any active member of your choice, as long as she/he is employed in a KCPSRS-covered position at the time of the election and must reside in the boundaries of the Kansas City, Missouri School District.  Self-nominations are acceptable.

Please note:  To ensure your vote counts, write the candidate’s first and last name on the write-in line. Click here to view candidates.