2023 Board of Trustees’ Election

You can nominate a candidate for the KCPSRS Board

If you, or someone you know, is interested in running for a seat on the KCPSRS Board, a trustee    positions will be open for nominations – elected by the members of the Retirement System. This position will be elected for a term of four-years effective January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2027.

"Member", any person who is a regular employee after the retirement system has been established hereunder ("active member"), and any person who (i) was an active member, (ii) has vested retirement benefits hereunder, and (iii) is not receiving a retirement allowance hereunder ("inactive member"). A person shall cease to be a member if the person has a break in service before earning any vested retirement benefits or if the person withdraws his or her accumulated contributions from the retirement system.

Nominee Qualifications:

· At the nomination meeting, any member may nominate any one or more members as candidates for the Board and, if a retirant trustee is to be elected, any retirant may nominate any one retirant as a candidate for the Board.

· The retiree nominee must be retired before or on January 1, 2024.

· Candidates must be resident taxpayers in the boundaries of the Kansas City, Missouri school   district.

· Self-nominations are acceptable.

Additional information on the role and responsibility of Board Members can be found on the KCPSRS website in the About tab under Board and Staff (www.kcpsrs.org).

How To Nominate Someone:

The Board of Trustees ONLY accepts nominations during their meeting commencing at 4:00 p.m. on October 2, 2023. Options for attending Board meeting to make a nomination:

· Come to KCPSRS office at 3100 Broadway, Suite 1211. Arrive by 3:55 p.m.

· Attend virtually via conference call or Zoom. For detailed instructions to attend meeting virtually, call 816-472-5800 ext. 0 or email kcpsrs@kcpsrs.org no later than noon on October 3, 2022.