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Active Members

An active member of KCPSRS is defined as a full-time employee of, the Kansas City Missouri School District, a Kansas City Public Charter School, or the Kansas City Public Library.

KCPSRS is a defined benefit (DB) pension plan, providing predictable retirement income for life, no matter how long you live. In most cases, the retirement benefits paid to KCPSRS members greatly exceed the funds they contribute while working.

As an active member, KCPSRS contributions are automatically deducted from your pay, pre-tax, to help fund your benefit. The contribution rate is 9% of your salary. Your employer also contributes to the System to pay benefits. Contributions are invested by the System to provide you a retirement benefit at the end of your working career.

When you meet vesting and retirement eligibility requirements you will receive a lifetime monthly benefit. The lifetime benefit is based on a formula that includes a multiplier (set by Missouri law), your salary, and the number of years of service you contribute to the System. You are vested in KCPSRS with five years of eligible service. If you leave employment service prior to vesting, or decide not to wait to become eligible to receive a monthly benefit, you can take a refund of your contributions with any interest earned up to that point.

There are additional KCPSRS benefit provisions, including disability and early retirement options and the opportunity to purchase additional service credit. Details on these can be found on the specific drop down links from the Active Member button on the website and in the Facts Book.