Important Facts for School District Retirees with BCBSKC Dental & Health Insurance

If you retired from the School District and choose to continue the Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City (BCBSKC) coverage offered in the District’s plan, you may want to review your options and the premiums effective January 1, 2017.



If you would like to explore options outside the BCBSKC plans offered by the District, you may want to contact SelectQuote at 1-855-650-5014 or McDaniel Hazley Group (MHG) at 816-399-4040 or to guide you through your pre-65 year or post-65 year coverage selection options.

If you currently have the District’s BCBSKC medical or dental plans and wish to change options please complete an application form available and submit to Retirement Office by Friday, December 9, 2016.