disability benefits

Disability Benefit Calculations

Regular Disability Calculation

Your disability benefit is calculated in the same way that your retirement allowance is determined; however, you are deemed to have reached retirement age at the time you qualify for disability benefits.


Minimum Disability Allowance

The minimum disability allowance is 25% of your average final compensation, or a benefit calculated assuming you worked to age 60—whichever is smaller.  Contact the Retirement Office to find out how these provisions might apply to your situation.

Example: Pat Smith becomes disabled at age 38 after working at the Library for 15 years.  His average annual compensation is $22,500.  Even though he is several years less than normal retirement age, Pat is deemed to be eligible for full retirement.The calculation of Pat’s benefit would be:
Under Plan B
$22,500 x 15 x .02  =  562.50


Under Plan C

$22,500 x 15 x .0175 = 492.19

Your Disability benefit will be subject to adjustment if you resume any kind of work.  You should call the Retirement Office if that situation arises.

Similar to regular retirement you many choose the Basic Benefit, Option 1,Option 2, or Option 3.