Death Benefits

Death Benefit Calculations

If your beneficiary is entitled to receive a monthly pension under the Active Member Death Benefit provisions, the benefit amount will be calculated based on the following:

1)    The death benefit will be calculated using the retirement benefit formula, and using your date of death as the date of retirement.
2)    If you die as an active member, the years of service will be the greater of ten or your actual years of service.
3)    Your primary beneficiary will receive the 100% survivor benefit known as “Option 1” (see Retirement Benefit Calculation).
4)    If your primary beneficiary is a dependent child the benefit will terminate when the child attains age nineteen.

Remember:  Death benefits are not the same as the survivor option of a retirement or disability retirement benefit. The Primary Beneficiary must be the member’s wife, dependent parent, or dependent child.

Your age, at the time of your death, and the age of your beneficiary will affect the amount of the Survivor Benefit.  Please contact the Retirement Office with questions.